We, Mithra Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., believe that; any harm that may occur to our work, to those we procure services from and to everyone we interact with, can be prevented while we are performing our activities. In this context, we consider Occupational Health and Safety as one of the fundamental values of our corporate culture.

Mithra considers occupational safety as a conscientious responsibility, not an obligation. Our most important responsibility is to ensure that every employee completes his/her work safely and returns to the families entrusted to us in a healthy way.

Our company adopts the following factors in determining OHS policies and risk control steps. Starting from the top management level, all our company employees have committed to be the member of Mithra Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. within the framework of these principles

  • To establish a management type based on the continuous development.
  • To cooperate with exemplary and visionary directors in respect of occupational safety
  • To provide the necessary resources such as training, equipment, people, budget
  • To promote and reward the right practices
  • To consider the occupational safety in the planning phase and include it in construction methodologies.
  • To comply with all applicable legal requirements and employer expectations.
  • To establish a safe environment for Subcontractors, Suppliers, Employees, Enterprise and Regional People.
  • To identify, eliminate, substitute or decrease the hazards and risks.
  • To determine and take precautions by planning for emergencies that may arise.
  • To identify and implement safe occupational methods in order to prevent harms such as occupational accidents, occupational diseases and injuries.
  • To clearly communicate our determined targets to all our employees and affiliates.
  • To provide the necessary occupational health and safety trainings of our employees
  • To get feedbacks from our employees about occupational safety.
  • To perform regular compliance audits.
  • To follow-up the determined targets.
  • To spread the lessons learned together with innovation and good practices to all our fields of activity.

In line with this policy, we will implement our commitments in all our fields of activity and develop them by continuously following them.